The Food HEDONISTS - the art of Bulgarian contemporary cusine

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The Food HEDONISTS - the art of Bulgarian contemporary cusine

Рай за кулинарното изкуство, допълнен с художествена фотография, 61 рецепти, 87 цветни изображения в 176 страници.

The Food Hedonists - culinary art book by Milen Zlatev, Ilian Iliev, Milen Panev

The Food Hedonists - culinary art paradise complemented with fine art photography, 61 recipes, 87 color art images, 176 pages

The book photography was awarded: Gold Winner - Tokyo International Foto Awards 2021- Book Fine Art

Hedonism. The ethical theory devoted to the pursuit of pleasure. Human beings, for as long as we have existed, have used art as a means of escapism and, subsequently, pleasure. Whether through grand religious paintings, beautiful sculptures or dazzling fashion, throughout history people have turned to art as a source of joy. Food, one of life's greatest necessities, has and will continue in the same way. Food is one of the core aspects of the human experience. 176 pages cookbook by three friends culinary experts, hedonists chasing the joy of the food.


The Food Hedonists

Рай за кулинарното изкуство, допълнен с художествена фотография, 61 рецепти, 87 цветни изображения в 176 страници.

Потопете се в света на вълшебната хапка, търсеща безкрайното удоволствие от всеки вкус, с помощта на множество рецепти, създадени от добро приятелство и професионално отношение към хранта. Водейки се от хедонизма, ние търсим насладата към всеки вид изкуство – било то религия, скулптури, мода или музика, но тук най-вече разкриваме прекрасното чувство, а именно любовта към храната.

The Food Hedonists – готварска книга, посветена на преследването на вечното удоволствие, като храната е изкуство, както и основна движеща сила.

Създадена от трима приятели кулинари и хедонисти, които преследват радостта от храната: 

Милен Златев, Илиан Илиев, Милен Панев

Bulgaria has a strong culinary, although hardly know abroad. Until recently the traditional recipes were taking a central stage in local culinary scene and it feels like Bulgarian cuisine is at a turning point. To each  high- level gastronomy there are quality ingredients, and Bulgaria produces excellent quality foods and wines.  Hence Chefs and cooks out there have everything in their hands to create wonders. This book represents the new wave of talented Bulgarian Chefs develop and create a more contemporary cuisine.

Milen Zlatev and Milen Panev have established themselves as a gifted chefs  with an innovative eye in Bulgaria. I had the privilege of working with them on one occasion, and I was   able to witness their high level skils. In this book, Food Hedonists, they have worked with one of the best food photographers in the  country. Indeed, Ilian Iliev's photos are work of art that can be found in excellent cookbooks, some of them have gained international recognition a the Gourmand Awards. His work in Food Hedonists completes the vision of the two chefs for a delightful experience.

Gastronomy and art go hand in hand, and creativity is one of the most important quality for a chef. It enables to push oneself in finding new ways, to explore tastes, flavours and presentation. At Le Cordon Bleu for instace, we encourage our students to connect with their creative senses, to include craft and innovation in their work. Throughout my career, I have been fascinated by some Chef's artful dishes, where presentations do justice to both the thought process and flavours, and I believe that Food Hedonists has succeeded in that by proposing a beautiful rendering.

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